Matthew Atkatz
Matthew Atkatz
Creative Director | Product Designer | Technologist

If the head values ideas, the hands value craft, and the heart values what feels right — what’s valuable to you?

Three legs make the most stable platform; remove one and the system falls over. Head and hands without heart is the domain of today’s technology, and as our culture leans into the headwind of progress, the heart is falling away. The rational is replacing the emotional. Heart and hands make art and films and write the stories worth retelling. Most importantly the heart cares. The heart feels what’s right and wrong and knows loyalty beyond reason.

I was born in New York City to a painter mother and a writer and musician father. My family valued art and science equally. I went to art school and studied product design in an attempt to combine the two. There I learned to make things with my hands. I spent a decade working in ad agencies learning the power of brand strategy and its ability to reframe problems and unlock ideas. Now I’m raising two children, with my wife Liz, using heart to love and care for them. This care overflows into my work, and it’s connected to a desire for mastery and pride in the work that I make. The heart guides in what’s meaningful.

I don’t need to make another ad that confuses needs with wants, or to put more clutter into the universe. I care about creating with purpose. I care about activating the hearts and heads and hands of those around me to make this world a little bit better than it was yesterday.